The Illustrators!

Doug Cunningham


Doug Cunningham (Turntable Timmy) has been recognized as a pioneer in the West Coast graffiti art scene since 1984. His cutting-edge technique still displays the essential ingredients of that art form, originality & style. In 1996, Doug graduated with a BA in fine art with an emphasis on illustration. Since graduating, his work has graced the surface of countless skateboards (Think), as well as a variety of album, CD, and DVD packages for numerous artiest in many different genres. In 2001, his artwork captivated critics and filmgoers at the Sundance Film Festival with the release of the first ever animated skratch movie, Wave Twisters (Thud Rumble Inc). This is his first children’s book.


Lee Ballard

Lee’s cutting-edge illustrations truly depict the essence of urban life. Lee (age 31) grew up in Los Angeles, CA and currently resides in Petaluma, CA with his wife. As an artist, Lee’s paintings have graced the walls of art galleries from San Francisco to New York and as far east as Japan. His work can also be seen in the upcoming full-length animated movie “Wave Twisters” (Thud Rumble Inc). In addition, Lee also teaches oil painting at the Academy of Arts College in San Francisco, CA. This is his first book.

Lee now works as apart of the team!