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Very unique in concept and fluid in creation.
Accomplished writer and emcee Michael Perry has teamed up with well-known Bay Area graffiti artist Doug Cunningham, creating inspirational hip-hop children’s book, Turntable Timmy. Young Timmy brings his love of hip-hop to the turntables, practicing and refining his skills and never relenting his devotion to scratching. The simple text quickly livens up with steady beats and subtle scratches when you pop in the the accompanying CD scratched by none other then DJ Qbert. Very unique in concept and fluid in creation, Perry and Cunningham have spoken the words the youth can hear-that anything is possible if you only put your heart into it.—DN, YOLK Magazine


Graffiti style with an urban feel.

Today’s children’s books are much more diverse than the classic fables of my day. Though I expected the usual fairy tales — you know, pale girl in trouble, blond prince to the rescue — I was happily surprised to find that hip hop has invaded yet another genre, that of picture books for 4- to 8-year-olds. I especially appreciated award-winning author Michael Perry’s second book, Turntable Timmy. It’s a straight-from-the-‘hood kiddie tale with rhymes about how our lead character will someday set it off as a DJ (a CD of the Bay Area’s own QBert is included). I admit I’m absolutely in love with the fact that Timmy is an elfin little boy of unknown ethnicity, since it so clearly represents the musical style’s crossover appeal. And Doug Cunningham’s artwork is on fire — a childlike graffiti style with an urban feel, which loans the book some street cred yet still remains true to the kids.-SF WEEKLY


That’s What I’m Talkin’ Bout

Turntable Timmy tells the story of an 8-year-old boy, who wants to become the best DJ in the world, and understands that his goal requires hard work and perseverance. This book is an instant Hip-hop classic.—LAUNCH/


‘Turntable Timmy’ captures the attention of the kid in all of us. DJ QBert fans will especially enjoy the bonus CD and the art of Wave Twisters’ chief illustrator Doug Cunningham. And young parents finally have a cool book that can educate and entertain the next generation of DJs.”New Orleans Roofing

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